Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is AnalyzeThe.US?

AnalyzeThe.US places the unmatched analytical capabilities of Palantir Gotham in the hands of anyone interested in analyzing data made public by the US Government.

We are firm believers that well-informed citizens lead to better government, and making government data available is certainly an important first step. In practice, however, information is scattered across countless domains, and combining such widely dispersed knowledge in a meaningful way is a technical challenge beyond any private citizen's capabilities. Palantir has eliminated this barrier, democratizing the data and providing the tools to place a new world of analysis at your fingertips.

Have a dataset or some analysis you'd like to share through AnalyzeThe.US ? Drop us a line at

What data sources are used in AnalyzeThe.US?

AnalyzeThe.US contains datasets available at as well as datasets compiled by leading nonprofits and policy centers, covering such areas as federal spending, contracting, lobbying, and campaign finance.

Who Created AnalyzeThe.US?

AnalyzeThe.US is a project of Palantir , the Silicon Valley company responsible for creating the world's leading intelligence infrastructure platform.

I'd like to know more about what Palantir is doing. Where should I go next?

If you're curious about the technical details of our platform, check out our series of White Videos.

For more examples of how people are using Palantir to solve critical problems, please visit the Palantir Analysis Blog

What if I have a question about AnalyzeThe.US that isn't answered here?

You can send an email to Palantir Support. Please make the subject of your email 'AtUS Help', and someone will be in contact shortly to help resolve your issue.

Technical Questions

What does it mean to  webstart  Palantir?

The first time you launch Palantir Webstart, your computer downloads all the resources needed to run the application. This includes around 50MB of material and could take up to 15 minutes, depending on your network connection. Every subsequent time that you webstart Palantir, it will launch much more quickly, because your computer retains all resources from your initial download. Webstarting allows you to run Palantir only as desired, with no local installation required.


When loading the webstart I receive an error that Palantir Analyst Desktop requires one of these Java versions: 1.6.0 and revision must be >=14 or 1.7.0 and revision must be >=2. What happened?

AnalyzeThe.US only supports Java version 1.6.0_14 and higher and Java version 1.7.0_2 and higher. Please use one of these versions to webstart AnalyzeThe.US. Unfortunately Java 8 is not supported at this time because it is still being tested with Palantir Gotham. If you are using Java 8 please uninstall it using these instructions for Windows and these instructions for Mac. Once you have uninstalled Java 8 download and install Java 7 from the Oracle website.

My login credentials are not being accepted. Why not?

When you launch the Palantir Workspace, the Auth Source at the login prompt should be 'AnalyzeTheUS'. However, due to simple delays in throughput between you and the server, the Auth Source can sometimes default to 'Palantir Internal Authentication'. If this is the case, just open the Auth Source dropdown menu and choose 'AnalyzeTheUS'. You may have to click 'Options' (below the login and password fields) to see the Auth Source option.

Also note that the 'Username' field should be the username you specified during account creation, rather than your email address.

If neither of those are the problem, send us an email and we'll be glad to help you figure it out.

I open the .jnlp file, but nothing happens.

We've seen a few different causes for this behavior:

  • Incorrect file association:
    We have sometimes seen an issue where JNLP files are incorrectly associated with a different executable instead of the Java Web Start executable, which results in the JNLP failing to launch. In Windows 7, you can check the file association with the following steps:
    1. Right-click and save the target of the Launch button to save the JNLP file to your local machine.
    2. Right-click the JNLP file and click Properties.
    3. On the General tab, check what is listed after "Opens with:". It should read "Java(TM) Web Start Launcher", though some of this text may be cut off.
    4. If it's a different program, click the "Change..." button to the right.
    5. In the dialog that pops up, click the "Browse..." button in the bottom right.
    6. Navigate to your Java installation directory. This will probably be something like C:\Program Files\Java\jre7.
    7. Within that directory, open the bin directory and find the javaws.exe file - not the java.exe file. Select it and click "Open" in the bottom right.
    8. Click "OK" on each remaining dialog to close them out.
    9. Double-click the JNLP to open it with Java Web Start.
  • Insufficient RAM:
    We have sometimes seen this behavior when the computer being used does not have enough RAM to create the Java virtual machine. If the computer is underprovisioned, you may have to use a different one.
  • Long load time:
    We have sometimes seen that the first time the Palantir client is run, it can take from ten to twenty minutes before giving feedback to the user. You may just have to leave it for a while the first time you run it.

I get the error 'FailedDownloadException: Unable to load resource'.

It's possible that you are behind a firewall that blocks outbound communication on ports that AnalyzeThe.US requires. If you are using Windows you can find the firewall settings in the control panel under "Windows Firewall". Under General, ensure that your firewall is on and that "Don't allow exceptions" is NOT checked. Next, under the Exceptions tab, make sure that "Display a notification when Windows Firewall blocks a program" is checked. When you launch Palantir, if you see the firewall warning, please allow it access.

If you are logging on from behind a corporate firewall, you will need to talk to an administrator to see if they will allow connections to on port 443.

I get the error 'Java Web Start Error: Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to system'.

We have occasionally seen this problem as a result of a minor configuration issue. Try making the following change.

In your Java Control Panel, go to the Advanced tab. Expand the 'Security' section, and the 'General' section under that. In this section, find the box labeled 'Enable online certificate validation' and check it. Then try webstarting again.

When starting the software, the jar downloads stall out.

In conditions without a strong connection, downloading the jar files required to run the Palantir client can sometimes stall out. This is a network infrastructure issue and there is not much we can do to mitigate it. If you are able to access AnalyzeThe.US from a machine or network with a more favorable connection, you may have a better experience.

However, there is a method we have seen work in cases like these. When you download the jar files, it doesn't re-download ones it already has. Consequently, even if your downloads are timing out, you should be able to close the stalled window and then attempt to launch again. It should establish a new connection and start from where it left off. Each attempt should get farther than the previous one. We know this is not an ideal solution, but using this method you should eventually be able to download all the jars and launch Palantir.